User Agreement

Please carefully review the customer agreement below

Notice to user:

The following is a service agreement between the customer and By ordering a service on website, you accept all of the terms and conditions of the agreement listed below, including but not limited to pricing, refunds, billing, product options and responsibilities. The terms of the agreement are listed herein. may be referred as "the Company", in turn you, the customer, may be referred to as "customer" or "user". Our web site will provide you with title search services, which may include document searches, abstract services, document copy ordering and billing processing services, if you agree to the conditions of the agreement below:

1. Property.

The website and services offered are owned and copyrighted by reserves the rights to all web site's software and underlying data and information contained on the website.

2. Download and Copying.

Customer shall take appropriate steps to prevent any unauthorized use of your account. Our website will grant you permission to access, copy, print and save documents ordered as a part of the paid service.

3. Pricing. reserves the right to post changes to any prices or fees. Due to various service price structures, each service is charged separately to user. User is fully responsible for any unpaid balance for our services. Customer will be liable for any additional taxes or shipping charges associated with provided service. These changes will be shown to the customer before the final billing transaction.

4. Billing.

Payment for services will be due before each ordered service is delivered. Customer shall be charged per each service individually for each service. The billing processing will be initiated after customer submits the order for processing by choosing the "Order Confirmation" option.

5. Term and Termination. will terminate this agreement in the case of violation of the terms and conditions accepted by a customer OR in the case of faulty information provided by a customer OR any unlawful actions performed by a customer. Written petition to restore the account to must be made via e-mail or fax with a signed copy of this agreement.

6. Disclaimer of Warranty.

(a) Warranty. warrants that the data provided as a part of the service to the user is obtained legally via publicly viewable information without violating 3rd party intellectual property rights. will use commercially available resources to gain access to required information as a part of the service to the customer. does not warrant against improper indexing practices, incomplete or incorrect index data entered by a county recorder or clerk. is not responsible for inconsistent documents due to errors in the specified name or property address or parcel number for the title search.

(b) Disclaimer. The service offered by is offered in "as-is" condition without any warranty for provided documents. performs the document search to the best practices and abilities within a company. does not guarantee that the documentation will be without errors or will have a complete set of documents as a part of the service. is not liable for any loss due to errors or omissions as a part of our service, whether these errors or omissions resulted from negligence, errors, accident or other causes.

7. Limitation of Liability. total liability for the given service must not exceed the amount paid by the customer for this service. Customer has 20 days to file for refund. A written refund letter must be submitted along with a signed copy of this agreement. The correspondence should be send by e-mail or fax to In the case of multiple claims, the limitation rules per service still apply.

8. Indemnification.

In the case of 3rd party claims against, due to any customer use (or misuse) of the services provided by, the Customer agrees to indemnify from any such claims.

9. General.

(a) The Customer agrees that no modifications or amendments can be made to this agreement without a written noticed signed by both parties. reserves the right to change the above agreement after a 30 day notice to the user.

(b) is not liable for any service processing delays due to unforeseen circumstances, such as emergencies, health conditions, county office schedules or access restrictions. will notify the Customer if any unforeseen delays are encountered while providing the services contracted for.

10. Turnaround time on the Product.

(a) The Customer understands that typical turnaround for each service is 24-48 business hours. The start time per product starts at 8:00am EST if the order is placed after hours. The start time per product starts Monday at 8:00am EST if the order is placed over the weekend.

(b) The Customer understands that order may be delayed due to common name ownership, rural county, complex search with Title issues, commercial and 30-year searches.