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What is a Title Search?

We like to think that Title Search is a Confidence Check on a property at question to determine from the public land records what rights there are to the property which you are about to purchase and who owns those rights.

What would be the worst case if you don't order title search? Let us present an example. A young investor decides to buy a property at the foreclosure auction. Extremely excited, our virtual investor sees a low price of ownership published in the auction papers, far below the market price, and decides to buy the property. Our investor drives around the property to evaluate physical condition and overall state of the property. At the day of the foreclosure auction, our investor bids and purchases the property. There is no happy ending to this story. Our investor made a common mistake - no title search before the purchase to find open liens against the property. Unfortunately, people who previously owned the property had numerous federal and state liens against the property. It’s not commonly known that most of IRS lien and back tax liens stay with the property, not owners, therefore, our young investor became liable to pay off someone else’s debt to the local and federal governments to clear the property title. The investor's life changed to a life of battles in the courts and filing lawsuits. Surely, title insurance can be purchased after the foreclosure action to protect investors against such cases, however title insurance after foreclosure auction is only offered in 14 states.

What would happen if investor orders a title search before the foreclosure auction? It’s very simple. The investor would find out all liens against the property (much greater then property market value) and would simply walk away from this property.

Question: What is the title search and why do you need it?
Answer: First and foremost, to protect yourself before property purchase.

ProTitleUSA can certainly help you with Property Title Search needs nationwide. ProTitleUSA performs federal, state and municipal lien search, judgments search, we retrieve foreclosure summary against the property, as well as, bankruptcy and tax status. All of the relevant information is captured in the summary page. Property comparative analysis on the property is included in any Title Search Ordered. ProTitleUSA.com looks at the chain of title and liens based on the service plan selected.

Full Title Search goes as far back as two owners in time and going forward to the present date. All relevant document copies are included in Full Title Search. While a Current Owner Search goes back in time from present date to last sale of the property.