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ProTitleUSA.com exclusive guarantee:

We are pleased to announce that in the life time of ProTitleUSA existence, ProTitleUSA did not have a single significant error due to our title search process. We have a professional title examiner to verify the quality of title search report before it is released to our clients. If title search is proven to have any substantial errors, we will refund the full price charged for the search. All you need to do is to notify us of suspected errors and once confirmed that the errors are made by our staff, we will refund your payment in full.

Please note; Since a confirmation email is always sent to the client, for which they can review the summary of the order they placed. An error which occurs on the part of the client during the ordering process is not subject to a refund if no contact was made to correct said error prior to delivery of the completed report.

Possible errors which do not result in a refund include, but are not limited to; incorrect/incomplete address, incorrect parcel or name, invalid email address which results in un-deliverable report.

It is the responsibility of the client to contact our office if you do not receive a confirmation email.

Terms of the ProTitleUSA.com guarantee are as follows:

  • Mail the written notice of suspected error by postal mail within 20 days of the order
  • Refund must not exceed cost of ordered search
  • Error must be verified not to exist in county records for the following reasons
    • Improper recorded documents by county clerk
    • Misfiled documents
    • Name or address or parcel errors (such as misspelling or wrong parcel number) made by county clerk during recording
    • Improper property legal description on the document, not matching the deed
  • Substantial error are considered to be a missing deed, open lien or open mortgage
  • Typographical errors are not considered significant
  • The following errors are not considered significant:
    • Tax status
    • Comparable sales and comparable analysis
    • Document numbers
    • Zoning and legal description
  • All records must be property recorded in a county office, other records offices not searched
  • Refunds are only applicable to residential searches only.

This ProTitleUSA guarantee offer is final. We are confident in our title search process and want to reassure our clients that accuracy is everything in our business.