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Title Search on FSBO Property

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties are very attractive purchase opportunities for a buyer who is looking for a good deal on the home. Sellers recognize that the home price may be set lower then the market price by a real estate agent's commission percentage the seller does not need to pay. The settlement is typically taking place at the real estate attorney’s office where all of the paper work is being prepared for closing, including Title Search and Title Insurance.

In many cases, the home buyer wants to have a guarantee early in the buying process that the closing will go as smooth as possible. The home buyer orders a home inspection to verify the physical state of the home and a title search to validate that the title of the property is clean - thus the current owner can pay off the mortgage debts with the amount of the sale transaction proceeds. Why order a title search early? A Home Buyer invests a lot of money, effort and time before the settlement date to complete the transaction. Something to worry about is that the current owner would not be able to settle outstanding obligations against the property and therefore not being able to close on the home.

We recommend a Current Owner Title Search service in this case, since you, as a buyer, can protect yourself with a Title Insurance and will be guaranteed to recover your money spent on the house due to home title issues from the previous ownership. Our Current Owner Title Search will give you a peace of mind and reassurance in transaction success.