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Bryan Bly seems to be an employee of Nationwide Title Clearing physically located in the 2100 Alt 19 Palm Harbor, FL 34683. He signed many different mortgage-related documents often using different titles in the same month and/or same year. We found a number of signature differences for the documents signed by Bryan Bly. He often signed as an officer of MERS or Assistant Secretary of MERS. Per Deposition of Bryan Bly, a former Eckerd employee, he was hired by Nationwide Title Clearing as a signer of documents with position name being a SIGNER. He never reviewed the documents he signed, nor was he ever employed by companies he signed for. Per his deposition, his signature was digitally scanned and used on the number of documents for counties that supported electronic filing.

Titles attributed to Bryan Bly include the following:

Vice President for:

1. MERS as nominee for Mortgage Solutions of Central Florida
2. CitiMortgage Inc
3. MERS as nominee for GMAC Mortgage Corp
4. US Bank NA – see Satisfaction of Mortgage
5. etc …

Attorney in Fact for:
1. FDIC as a receiver for IndyMac Federal Bank FSB

Notary for co-worker and robo-signer Crystal Moore:

A sample of different positions is shown in Exhibit A.