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ProTitleUSA offers an Analysis and mini-Title exam on large portfolios at no additional cost.

• FREE Dashboard analysis and executive summary on bulk orders (inc mini-Title Exam) to cut down 75% from underwriting time on large portfolios (Single Spreadsheet)

• Easy per property exit strategy planning based on flexible criteria
• Flexible Verification and Title Exam Features:
    o Address Verification (Tape vs Title) - [Pass/Fail]
    o Borrower (from Tape) on Vesting Deed (from Title) - [Pass/Fail]
    o Borrower (from Tape) on Mortgage (from Title) - [Pass/Fail]
    o No open mortgages (from Title) - [Pass/Fail]
    o Subject Mortgage found (from Title) - [Pass/Fail]
    o Subject Mortgage position (from Title) - [1/2/3/Other]
    o Delinquent Taxes Flag (from Title) - [Pass/Fail]
    o IRS/State Tax Lien Flag (from Title) - [Pass/Fail]
    o HOA Lien Flag (from Title) - [Pass/Fail]
    o Subject property in HOA Super Lien State – [Y / N]
    o Tax Lien Certs / Tax Lien Mortgages - [Pass/Fail]
    o Subject Mortgage Foreclosed / Active Foreclosure Case Flag – [Y / N]
    o Break in Assignment Chain – [Y / N]
    o Subject Mortgage in MERS / Subject Mortgage Modified – [Y / N]
    o Last Assignee of Record for Subject Mortgage / Lender of Record– [name]
    o Senior Mortgage Count / Amount of Senior Mortgages – [# / $]
    o Junior Mortgage Count / Amount of Junior Mortgages – [# / $]
    o Total State Tax / IRS / HOA / City / Muni / Utility / Tax Liens – [$]
    o Total Mechanics Liens (Before the loan / After the loan) – [$/$]
    o Total Other Judgment and Lien Count – [$]
    o Total Delinquent and Current Taxes Due – [$]
    o Total Sum of all liens / judgments / taxes – [$]
• Downloadable individual PDF Reports from spreadsheet

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