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ProTitleUSA Commercial Title Search

ProTitleUSA team can handle complex commercial searches, including developer’s, buildings, condos, cell towers, plants, environmental, oil & gas. We completed many large scale commercial projects with 1,000's of properties. Due to the complexity variation of commercial property title search, we don't offer a fixed price for Title Search through this web site. Instead, we encourage to call our toll free number 888-878-8081 to receive a customized quote for the Title Search on the given commercial property. In many cases, the cost of the commercial search can be the same as residential, however in a few cases the commercial search may be quite complex and time consuming. The typical turnaround time for commercial search is 48-72 business hours.

Our Commercial Title Search includes a chain-of-title search including all of the leases and contracts that would affect the Title on the property, open mortgage and assignment search, federal, state and municipal lien search, judgments search, as well as, tax status. All of the relevant information is captured in the summary page. All relevant document copies are included in this plan.