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30-Year Title Search Description

30-Year Title Search (in some states its 40-year state statue requirement) is a requirement for Title Insurance, Purchases, Title Opinions and evidence for Marketable Title. If you are planning to use the Title Search for Title Insurance or Purchase, 30-year search must be ordered.

ProTitleUSA performs chain of title search going back 30-years, open mortgage and assignment search on all owners in the chain of title, federal, state and municipal lien search on all owners in the chain of title, HoA (Home Association) lien search on all owners, Civil judgment search including Foreclosure Proceedings, as well as, tax delinquency status. All of the Property related information is captured on the 30-Year Title Search summary page. All relevant document copies are included in this service, including copies of 30-year chain of title.

Please, enter the address of the property on the home page and select the 30-year search option to receive a discounted price on your property.